Configure Price Quote as an agent for change.

In this webinar moderated by Marie Francis of Apttus, Keith Putt, Director of Information Technology at Precor, and Elliot Yama, Associate Vice President of Intelligent Solutions at Apttus, discuss how Apttus’ Configure Price Quote solution can transform the sales process, making every rep the best rep with Quote-to-Cash Intelligence and Machine Learning. In particular, you will hear Keith describe Precor’s powerful story with Configure Price Quote, a story in which a complex enterprise with diverse business needs was able to manage their change through the effective control of stakeholders, process, and engagement. In this webinar you will learn:

– How Apttus’ CPQ solution drives change with Quote-to-Cash Intelligence and Machine Learning.
– About Precor’s business needs and their selection process that lead to Apttus.
– How Precor was able to manage the transformation and set themselves up for success in the future.

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