When it comes to purchasing software vs. developing a custom app, you go through the same decision process—do you have the skills to build, or is it better to buy?

The larger an enterprise gets, the more alluring and riskier the idea of building in the DIY cloud becomes. With more programming talent in IT eager to learn cloud application development and prove themselves, larger budgets to support outside consultants, and technology partners from literally around the world knocking on their door, it’s even more tempting. Sooner or later reality hits: building enterprise applications internally is much more costly and challenging than initially thought.

The decision of whether to partner with a system integrator or outsourcer, purchase an enterprise application or attempt to build the application internally is complex. But there is a framework for realistically evaluating each alternative. Too often enterprises that need to streamline their most important customer, sales and service processes choose to develop their own applications. Sold on the idea that when the app is done their problems are solved, many of these enterprises don’t realize that their journey is just beginning.

Learn more about the unanticipated costs and risks of a DIY enterprise software, and better understand your decision to Build, Buy, or Outsource a cloud based application. Download this whitepaper, a follow-up to the Seven Deadly Sins of the DIY Cloud white paper.