Most business professionals spend almost half of their day within a Microsoft Office Application, particularly Excel. Salesforce and Excel are outstanding platforms in their own right. We are familiar with both of their fast and easy interfaces, but yet, there is one big issue – each are stand alone platforms. There are numerous instances of manual migration between Excel and Salesforce when updating fields, records, and so on. What if you could work in the interface of Microsoft Excel, which you’re comfortable in, and have all of your data synced backed into Salesforce simultaneously? Apttus X-Author for Excel does just that.

Watch this video of our session entitled Build Miracles with Microsoft Excel and Salesforce, which was presented at Dreamforce 2014. Apttus VP of Advanced Solutions, Jules Ehrlich, explains how Apttus X-Author for Excel bridges the gap between Excel and Salesforce, and helps eliminate the errors that come with manual data migration.