Nucleus Research's Guidebook to Apttus Quote-to-Cash

Apttus Quote-to-Cash (QTC) accelerated time to quote by 68.5% on average.

“Nucleus Research found that automating Quote-to-Cash (QTC) delivers significant benefits beyond core customer relationship management (CRM) software. In analyzing the experience of a number of Apttus customers, Nucleus found that Apttus QTC software accelerated time to quote by an average of 68.5 percent. Apttus customers improved business outcomes and experienced benefits such as increased employee productivity, accelerated quote to cash processes, cost savings, and increased compliance and standardization.”

What You Will Get with the Nucleus Research Report:

– Analysis from Nucleus Research on the key benefits experienced by Apttus customers after deploying Apttus Quote-to-Cash.

– A detailed description of Apttus’ Comprehensive solution, including process automation applications (configure price quote, contract management, revenue management, etc.), behavioral applications, QTC machine learning, and the newly announced Intelligent Agent.

– A list of what Nucleus Research found to be the major reasons companies chose Apttus over other major software vendors – including implementation, functionality, and overall platform.

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