digital transformation dreamforce session

At Dreamforce, Apttus could have given away many things to inspire the attendees, Apple Watches, monorovers, Oculus Virtual reality. We decided to choose a unique product, from an even more unique brand, Tesla, whose bold vision, innovation, and complete disregard for normality has allowed them to disrupt both the car and high tech industries.

The era of digital business is already in full effect, driven by the cloud, SaaS models, connectivity and smart technology. The world is moving at a faster pace than ever before and businesses need to remain adaptive, agile and responsive to the shifts in market demands and customer expectations.

In this video, we highlight Tesla as well as 3 similarly audacious companies that have pioneered the digital transformation and are embracing new business models to deliver 1-1 customer experiences through all their channels. Hear from the pioneers of digital transformation, CenturyLink, HP, and Salesforce:

– Digital transformation trends in business
– Examples of companies who have successfully digitally transformed
– The benefits of being able to adapt to the digital trends
– How digital transformation allows you to cater to the customer