Accelerating Revenue Growth with Quote-to-Cash Intelligence

Today, enterprise businesses are accelerating revenue growth with the use of Machine Learning. This ground breaking technology unlocks insights from the massive amounts of data that these companies generate and save on a daily basis – providing recommendations to make sales reps successful. In this presentation from the InsideSales Sales Acceleration Summit, Elliot Yama of Apttus discusses how Machine Learning is empowering companies to drive revenue growth and improve business outcomes with Quote-to-Cash Intelligence.

What You’ll Get with this video:

    – A discussion of Machine Learning trends in enterprises business today, including: why companies are investing in the technology now, how companies are moving beyond prescriptive analytics, and how machine learning makes rules-based systems better.

    – Learn how Quote-to-Cash Intelligence is driving improved business outcomes beyond simple process automation, leveraging the data available in the Quote-to-Cash process to produce needed insights.

    – The numerous Quote-to-Cash Intelligence use cases, including: Cross Sell and Up Sell recommendations, pricing intelligence, and quote scoring.


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