Quote-to-Cash Reviews

Apttus delivers successful, transformational business outcomes to organizations across every industry and geography. Recent testimonial and product-specific reviews can be found below. Apttus customers include over 100 of the Fortune 500.

Apttus to the Rescue

“We are currently using X-Author for Excel with Salesforce to update and populate formula fields in Excel and then have X-Author attach the document to the opportunity record. It has made our interaction with Excel easy and effortless. The setup was less than 20 minutes and worked well with our complicated Excel spreadsheet. Thanks Apttus for making our lives easier and less complicated. Mapping of fields from Salesforce to the app is quite easy. Setup of multiple users to use the app was a breeze. Getting the app to work within 20 minutes to demonstrate was no hassle.”

by Jacqueline Carter

Apttus contracting provides control and automation

“Apttus is used in one of our Salesforce instances for contract management. We chose to utilize Apttus for a variety of reasons, including version management, approval processing, electronic signature, and document retention. Apttus helped us move to a more streamlined, controlled process for not only creating and maintaining contracts, but also for activities such as negotiating terms. We have since expanded our functionality to include automation that enables us to move information through the system and into other systems using APIs.”

by Jennifer Kinstle

Business Partner

“Our organization is currently using Apttus CPQ for quoting and proposal management. Apttus provides users the shopping cart UI which is easy to use and easy to train upon. Simple guided selling configuration. Easily upgradeable. Promotions Management.”

by Terry Ackerman

Great Tool Excellent Support

“X-Author is a great tool as it allows end users to operate in Excel, which they are more familiar. This product allows for mass updates to records on any Object via Excel which means we no longer suffer the limits of ‘data loader’. Excellent…”

by Manjula Aala

Apttus Plays a Key Role in Automation of Our Global 3rd Party Agreement Processing

“In order to meet our client industry needs to utilize third party service providers to meet business objectives; we needed a platform that could rapidly generate third party legal agreements in an automated fashion based upon the unique project.”

by Mark Kohan

We Are in the Process of Implementing Apttus CLM

“The Apttus CLM product is the first step for our business toward fully connecting the dots between our front-end sales process, our customer on-boarding and ultimately our back end processing of Sales Compensation. We have found our Apttus CLM project team to be highly knowledgeable, adaptable to understand our unique business model and challenges, effectively communicative, and a great value add contributor to our strategic planning and project roll out process. Best of all, the CLM project helps us to build the foundation upon which we can also add a CPQ capability as well as a robust Incentive Compensation Management platform to more fully automate our end-to-end business process from Sales to Customer on-boarding through execution and delivery of our Sales compensation strategy.”

by Greg Mclaughlin

Great Tool – We have been using it for over a year

“Great CPQ tool. We have been using it for over a year and has helped us tremendously with our renewal management. this tool is now a integral part of our business and the metrics /reporting we are getting is great.”

by Sunita Banda

Apttus Rocks!

“World Water Works is leveraging Apttus to to drive efficiency, quality and enhance our customer experience. The technology has been super helpful since we implemented it less than a year ago. We are seeing certain functions which took days be reduced to less than 30 minutes. We are excited to implement in many areas of our business from finance, engineering, sales, ERP, manufacturing, and beyond. Many thanks Apttus. ”

by Mark Fossage

Shorter contract cycle and accuracy

“CPQ accelerated our Quote and Proposal management processes by eliminating repetitive tasks. It worked smoothly with QuickBooks and was extremely straight-forward to implement.”

by Abhinav S.

Improves Sales Process and Quoting

“Improves sales process and quoting experience in whole better way. I love their machine learning capability on top of their Quote-to-Cash solutions. Also X-Author products makes user tasks very easy.”

by Chetan Patel

Awesome CPQ

“Good CPQ solution that gives the best results after youe are done with opportunity creation. This has reduced the quote creation time by 60-70% in some scenarios for my customers.”

by Alok Garg

Apttus CPQ Rocks!

“We had a very manual process, everything was done in excel but they also have X-author which bridges the gap of salesforce and Excel.”

by Chris Vu

Smart, Scalable Solution

“The company started with much hesitation. The ease of use of the system has helped to overcome many objections of standardization and helped department leaders to support the use of this tool. One main objection that had stifled prior projects was the amount of time it would take to implement a system. Another powerful objection was the thought that from department to department very different processes existed. With this solution these objectives have been overcome and more and more departments are coming on board. It may be true that if you build it, they will come.”

by MaryLynne Hartl

Apttus equals efficiencies!

“Apttus provides us with a standardized contract authoring solution that was easily customized to meet our business needs. As an organization, we have been able to streamline our contracts
process. We have a single point of access to data for all our internal
departments with each department actively contributing the data.”

by Kelly Santos