Dreamforce is an amazing experience that everyone in the Salesforce Ecosystem should experience at least once during their career. Thousands of people descend on San Francisco every year just like the swallows and their annual migration to Mission San Juan Capistrano. Unfortunately, a trip to Dreamforce is a lot more expensive than the little bird’s flight to the famed Great Stone Church.

Here are 5 tips to save some money at Dreamforce:

Take Advantage of the Free Meals!

Be sure to take advantage of the lunches provided by Dreamforce. There are also several partner receptions, happy hours, and lounges that have great food and beverages available at nearly all hours of the day and night. Save some serious cash on your meals by allowing a partner to send you some emails. A side benefit of this is that you might even learn something about a partner product or service that you didn’t know about that could really add value to your company’s Salesforce implementation.

2. Travel like a local!

Take BART from SFO – red line or yellow line takes you right into the heart of the Dreamforce Campus at the Powell or Montgomery stations. It’s easy, convenient and likely faster than a cab or Uber/Lyft. A one way trip from SFO to downtown San Francisco will only cost you about $5! Once in the city, there a tons of stops that can help you get around very easily. Check out the route map and fare calculator from BART to see just how cheap and easy it is.

3. Go Green!

Bring a refillable water bottle or insulated cup from home, and stick to drinking water during the day. There will be water coolers all over the Dreamforce campus. It helps keep plastic bottles form being used, and it will help keep you hydrated during all the sessions so you’ll stay alert and learn more!

Travel by bart for Dreamforce 2016.

4. Sign up for giveaways and discounts!

Dreamforce is known for providing some of the best giveaways and other types of ‘freebies’. Be sure to keep an eye out for any promotions from sponsors. This can be anything from an upgrade your experience to a discounted or free pass to the event to a drawing for something awesome or a big ticket item at their booth. With the amount of cool new swag you’ll acquire, make sure to save room in your suitcase for your return so you aren’t charged for an additional bag! If you do happen to go a little overboard, and things won’t fit into your suitcase, there are FedEx and UPS locations near the Dreamforce campus. Save a little cash on your shipping and don’t send things back overnight! Chances are you don’t REALLY need your swag home that quickly, and what a cool way to relive the Dreamforce excitement a few days later when your box of goodies arrives.

5. Share a hotel room!

While this may not be for everyone, it is a sure way to save some money, PLUS allow you to stay closer to the actual conference. Typically non-local attendees on a budget need to stay a 20-45 minute car ride away from the venue, and that is without the San Francisco traffic. Travelling that far is not ideal if you want to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Wouldn’t it be great to stay nearby, for a fraction of the cost, in a nice hotel, AND meet some other attendees? Well be sure to stumble upon Perch, a company that helps Dreamforce attendees save loads of money and stay close to the Dreamforce campus by matching those who want to share a hotel room.

Follow these 5 simple steps and you’ll be doing Dreamforce like a pro in no time! See you there.