Centered on customer service, this week’s Road to Dreamforce episode, titled “Dreamforce for Service,” provided numerous insider tips and information about how service professionals can leverage Dreamforce to “make your customers love you.” As it turns out this year’s Dreamforce falls right in the middle of customer service week, a week dedicated around the world to delivering the best service, and Dreamforce this year will be the largest gathering of service professionals in the world. While these episodes fall on a Tuesday, right in the middle of another stressful work week, don’t fret. If you were unable to get what you wanted from this week’s episode, below your top 10 key takeaways, or everything you need to know from the show.

1. Dreamforce is Full [of] Service

There will be over 15,000 customer service professionals at Dreamforce this year. That will make Dreamforce 2016 the largest gathering of service professionals in the world. What does this mean? Well, it means that Dreamforce will be the premier conference for professionals to meet, network, engage, learn, ask questions, and have fun. Salesforce will be going all out with numerous electrifying sessions and areas around the Dreamforce campus to get the most out of your Dreamforce experience.

2. Field Service Lightning Launch

Salesforce recently announced the launch of their Field Service Lightning, which allows companies to leverage the most out of the Salesforce Ecosystem while out in the field. There will be numerous sessions centering on how customers are currently using these new capabilities to drive improved customer relations in the field. Also, keep your ears open for a further BIG surprise announcement this year at Dreamforce.

Performer at a dreamforce 2015

3. Dreampitch

While the rumors where only half true (no Kanye will not be involved), Salesforce will be bringing in Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca of everyone’s favorite startup pitch TV show, “Sharktank”, to hold a similarly geared “Dreampitch.” Recently announced, Dreampitch will bring together numerous startups build on the Salesforce platform to pitch their business to a panel of judges, including Mark and Chris (with others to be announced soon). This incredible event will be held on Tuesday, in conjunction with the “innovation” theme of the day. This is not just for show; there are serious prices for the winners, including substantial funding of up to &150,000 and VIP membership in Salesforce’s global startup program. Find out more at What idea would you pitch?

Attendees from Dreamforce 2015.

4. Cloud Service

Newly renamed, Salesforce’s Cloud Services will play a massive part at this year’s conference. Look to the community powered circles of success, in which MVPs will talk to other customers about Salesforce success, to provide professionals with the insider knowledge they need to be successful. In addition, some of salesforces most important Cloud Service customers, such as Paypal and VMWare will be speaking about how Salesforce helped to drive customer success at their organizations.

5. Customer Service Keynote

Want to get excited about DF16, look no further that the service Keynote. In this session, Mike Milburn and Coca Cola, as well as the National Domestic Violence Hotline, will speak firsthand about how Salesforce has driven customer success in their organizations. In addition, joining the keynote will be Accenture. Along with the incredible, industry leading thought leadership, the Keynote will be making some very important announcements that you can’t miss.

6. Services Campground

After the Keynote, make sure that you stop by the services campground and experience the first ever unveiling of the fully integrated Salesforce for Service. There will be numerous chances in this campground experience to gain hands on, actionable knowledge, including 14 interactive demos. Leverage the area for networking, and learn from others about how you can be a change agent at your organization.

7. Don’t forget about the Service Lodge

Services will be everywhere at Dreamforce this year, including in the Lodge at the Marriott Marquis. The Marriott Marquis will be an area of alliteration, hosting the Sales, the SMB, and the Services lounge in the same place. With so much centered on the same building, you cannot pass up checking out what the Marriott has to offer. At the Services (and sales and SMB) lodge you will be able to set up a 20 minute one on one business challenge consultation. Another tip to get the most out of your Service experience at Dreamforce.

8. 4000 hours of Sessions

There will be over 4000 hours of Sessions on the topic of customer service, most of these sessions being run by customers themselves. Included in these sessions will be the ever popular product road maps, something continued from previous Dreamforces by popular demand. Gardner and Forrester will also be running sessions, speaking about the future of the customer service industry and current trends. Lastly, there will be some sort of giveaway at this year’s keynote. They gave away two tickets to the Super Bowl last year, I wonder what they will give away this year?

Expo at Dreamforce 15.

9. Tips and Tricks

In this week’s Road to Dreamforce episode, Salesforce provide tips for SMBs at Dreamforce and Tips on how to present effectively at Dreamforce.

Tips for SMBs

    1) Plan your agenda – Start planning as soon as the agenda builder comes out so as to avoid getting behind.

    2) Pick 10 people that you want to meet at Dreamforce.

    3) Reach out to an experience Dreamforcer – As 70% of dreamforcers are newbies, it is always important to leverage those that have extensive experience.

    4) Work with your AE to recommend sessions and experts.

    5) Make an actionable post Dreamforce plan for everything that you learned.

Tips for Speaking at dreamforce

    1) Create a compelling story with a detailed outline.

    2) Don’t ramble or go off topic.

    3) Practice may not make perfect, but it does help and make for a more interactive session.

    4) Don’t wing it.

    5) Be yourself and bring your personality onto the stage.

    6) Don’t rush through your presentation.

10. Customers at Dreamforce

There are going to be numerous customers speaking at this year’s conference, none the less so with customer service. One customer to get particularly into is Miner – one of the first companies to buy in and be successful with the new Field Service Cloud. In addition to Miner, this weeks episode discussed The Fruit Guys, a company that started in a San Francisco apartment and has grown to over 3000 customers worldwide. Leveraging Salesforce’s service cloud, they have been able to reduce their customer response time to less than 2 hours. You will be able to see them in the SMB Lounge, as well as on signage throughout the conference.

Well that’s it for this week’s recap. Be sure to check back next week for Episode 6, Dreamforce for Marketers.

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