Well it’s Tuesday again and you know what that means, another episode of Salesforce’s weekly series The Road to Dreamforce. In this episode Salesforce provided key information about sales in Dreamforce, to help prepare all of the sales professionals that will be making it to the conference this year in San Francisco. If you did not have the time today to listen to what Adam Blitzer, EVP and GM of Sales Cloud, and Sara Varni, SVP of Product Marketing Sales Cloud, had to say, or would like to refresh on some of the key moments of the episode, here are the 10 key takeaways to prep you for the approaching conference.

1) Be Your Own Trailblazer

Since the unveiling last year at Dreamforce, Lightning has been a huge part of how Salesforce enables its customers. That will be no different at Dreamforce, where lightning will be prevalent throughout. Taken off of the theme of Trailhead, Lightning allows Sales professionals to be their own trailblazers. With the new user experience of Lightning, sales reps can sell the way they want by dragging and dropping the experience that they desire. Be prepared to see Lightning everywhere.

2) Importance of Quote-to-Cash

Quote-to-Cash, or the processes that take over from the opportunity through deal closed and revenue recognition, will be a large part of Sales this year at Dreamforce. The multiple Quote-to-Cash applications available throughout the Salesforce App ecosystem, from a high level, allow sales reps to sell faster by making the quoting, contracting, and revenue systems much easier. There will be numerous sessions devoted to the topic of Quote-to-Cash, including one massive keynote in which numerous QTC customers will describe the benefits these applications have produced in their organizations. Be on the lookout for everything Quote-to-Cash.

3) Salesforce For Sales Keynote

While the details of this keynote may be kept a bit secret, this week’s Road to Dreamforce gave us some exciting information of what will be included in this year’s Sales Keynote. First and foremost, it will center on Salesforce customers, of which they have a fantastic story from a non-profit (Salesforce of course is a strong backer of nonprofits, especially with their 1-1-1 model) and how they use Salesforce to accomplish their mission. In addition, one of the most profitable companies in the world (of which they remain silent) will be speaking during the session. Let’s get the Rumor mill started! The Keynote will be at 11:30 on Thursday at Moscone North.

4) Keynote Themes

While the number and diversity of speakers in the Sales Keynote, as well as larger session, may be vast, there are 4 main themes that will carry the day. The first theme is productivity, and using Salesforce to allow sales reps to be the best they can be. The second theme will be centered on intelligence, and all of the new intelligent technology that has become a major discussion topic over the last few years. Next is lead to cash, or the process that takes the customer from the first instance in Salesforce through deal close. Finally, Lightning is the overarching theme, enabling companies to achieve the first three.

Road to Dreamforce
Road to Dreamforce, I love success board.

5) The Sales Mecca

Well where do you go once you leave the Sales Keynote? Right over to the Sales campground that is right next door to the Keynote. At this campground, you will be able to get hands on experience with product experts, demos with the Sales Cloud, Pardot, or Salesforce IQ, and many others. If you are a Sales person, everything you need will be right here in one location.

6) Hands on Consultations

While all of these sessions, both the massive keynotes and the individual breakout sessions, are all incredibly informative and important to attend, it is also necessary to have a more hands on and intimate interaction with product experts. As a result, Salesforce will be having one-on-one consultations, not only in the sales campground, but around the whole campus throughout the event. Salesforce is really making an effort to go to you, and provide you with the information that you need to be successful. If you have specific questions or concerns, sign up for one of these consultations.

7) Sales Summit

This year’s sales summit at Dreamforce will be titled “simple steps to super stardom”, and will equip attendees with actionable takeaways that they will be able to bring into their professional life. Not focused on the technology around Salesforce (a nice break from the normal Dreamforce sessions), the Sales Summit will focus on bringing sales thought leaders from different industries to talk about best practices. It will be on Tuesday at the Marriott Marquis, and will feature 5 session tracks: Sales strategy, sales leadership, sales development, sales operations, and sales strategy.

8) Where to Find Answers to Follow-up Questions

If you have any follow up questions concerning sales content and the Sales Summit, which is free for Dreamforce attendees, Salesforce has created a new page on Salesforce.com to provide further information, including an e-brochure. In addition, they created a new website called Quotable.com, in which though leaders share many of the best practices they have learned through their extensive experience. In addition, the report by Bluewolf and Apttus title “the State of Sales” report provides Salesforce info drawn from over 1500 Salesforce customers.

The success platform from Dreamforce 2015

9) Dreamforce for SMB’s

Dreamforce has always been an important event for SMB’s, however this year’s event will be a great place for small business professionals to learn more about Salesforce. They will be able to hear from great customer examples, including the SMB keynote. There will be an SMB lodge in the basement of the Marriott, as well as opportunities for 20 minute consultations.

10) The Analytics Wave at Dreamforce

Wave will be everywhere this year. While Dreamforce does not have product zones anymore, the analytics wave will be playing a huge role in both the intelligent zone and intelligent keynote. The sessions will be centered around customer trailblazers and how they are succeeding with wave, and will also be presenting the wave analytics road map. There will also be many events; these wave events will be hosted in the 111 Minna st. space. They will be having two events on Monday and an additional event mid-week. At this space, Salesforce will also be hosting circles of success sessions where customers can engage sales experts.

This was action packed episode of Road to Dreamforce. Tune in for the next episode recap on Dreamforce for Service next Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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