“This is my favorite time of year!”

Well Dreamforce has not arrived yet, but the Road to Dreamforce webinar series has begun. The series, held every Tuesday at 11:00 AM PST until the conference in October, will get everyone from the seasoned attendee that has been to 5+ conferences to the rookie attendee, ready for the “largest nonprofit conference in the world.” With over 400+ partners, 2000+ breakout sessions, and 150,000+ attendees last year, this conference never disappoints.

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This first episode of Road to Dreamforce served to dip everyone’s toes into the pool of anticipation, providing information on what is going to be new this year in San Francisco, the agenda for the week, info on the Gala, and what the Moscone campus will look like. Lets begin:

Focus on Trailhead

For anyone new to Dreamforce, the conference is, to put it simply, 4 days of community, innovation, empowerment, giving back, and (much more of a focus this year) fun. It is the gathering of the vast Salesforce community to come together to speak about not only Salesforce, but each other.

While last years Developer Zone was all about Trailhead (a fun way to learn Salesforce through gamification, online activities, and self paced modules), this year they are taking a step up and spreading the theme throughout the event. Beginning August 13th, Salesforce will be putting out “trials” that will have tips about the conference, including how to get around, which speakers to see, how to speak, etc. Throughout the conference the theme of Trailhead will be pervasive, with trail guides and lodges throughout the event to better help people navigate the conference. I guess you can say that this is the “Year of Trailhead.”

the Admin lodge at the road to dreamforce.

The Agenda for the Week

Held from Tuesday through Friday, October 4th through 7th, each day at Dreamforce 2016 will be action packed (like always) so be sure to bring comfortable shoes. Each day will have a major theme that will tie together their major, as well as outside thought leading, speakers. Here is the agenda discussed in the Road to Dreamforce:

Day 1: Tuesday
The first day of Dreamforce will be themed around innovations, based around the (what I can only assume will be incredible) keynotes of the Kelly brothers. Later in the afternoon Tony Robins, always a crowd-pleaser, will speak. The welcome reception in the evening will tie a bow on an increadible opening day.

Day 2: Wednesday

The second day of the conference will be themed around Philanthropy, always a major theme for the company. The keynotes this day will be Marc Benioff and friends (I’m sure it will be an impressive list), followed by a fireside chat will Melinda Gates.

Get ready for some incredible sessions during the road to dreamforce.

Day 3: Thursaday
Expanding on their theme last year of Women in the Workplace, Thursday will be based around the theme of Equality. While Salesforce is not yet ready to expand on their agenda for this day, Billie Jean King, the sports god and activist, will be the main keynote speaker.

Day 4: Friday
The last day of Dreamforce will be based around the theme of Compassion. Salesforce is still confirming the speakers, however the keynotes of the day will be Larry Brilliant and Daniel Goleman. Like always, the day will be finished with a Q and A session with Marc Benioff and Executives of Salesforce, during which anyone can attend and ask questions.

The Cow Palace, I mean the Cloud Palace

Everyone knows that U2, one of the biggest bands in the world with 22 Grammy wins, will be playing this year for the Dreamforce Gala. Everyone get excited because it is going to be incredible. The Gala will be held this year at the Cow Palace, or as Salesforce is calling the, the Cloud Palace. While it is far from the Dreamforce campus, Salesforce will be providing transportation with many (I’m sure that is an understatement) of buses. They will also be setitng up the massive parking lot at the venue, ensuring that everyone is part of the U2 experience.

Addressing Rumors

Yes, the Moscone center is under constructions. NO, it will not be closed for Dreamforce. Instead, Salesforce will be transforming the campus, making it more accessible and convenient for the attendees. Instead of 2 Expos like in the past, they will be combining these Expos and housing all of the partners under one roof. This will make it easier for everyone, allowing people to avoid the scramble between buildings.

Any other set of Dreamforce rumors are still aren’t confirmed just yet… so we’ll see what else will be announced in the coming months.

See you next week on Tuesday, July 26th

The road to dreamforce presents tips to help get around at Dreamforce 2016.

Be sure to watch the next installment of the Road to Dreamforce, on the Dreamforce site as well as Facebook. Also be sure to check out “One for the Road”, a new after show (Right after the Road to Dreamforce episodes) on Dreamforce’s Facebook Live, during which they will be answering questions people are asking through Facebook, Twitter, and the Salesforce Community. The Next weeks episode will focus on the Culture of Salesforce and how that effects Dreamforce.
Here are some Success Community tips to bide you till next time:
1. Create and update your profile.
2. Look out and join the right groups that fit you.
3. Post and share valuable content.
4. Ask and answer questions.
5. Build your network.

Be sure to check back next week.
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