In Episode 3 of Road to Dreamforce, 4 speakers discussed how IT professionals can take full advantage of Dreamforce 2016. With an incredible cast of speakers including Brian Goldfarb, SVP of App Cloud Marketing, Dylan Steele, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Peter Coffee, Head of Platform Research, and Charlie Isaacs, CTO of Customer connection, Salesforce has developed a strong theme featured around the App Cloud. There was a ton of interesting and necessary information in this week’s episode, however we understand that not everyone can spare the 30 minutes out of their day. Instead here is a quick to 2 minute recap of the 10 key takeaways from the webinar, everything that you might need to know going into this October.

1) It’s the University of the App Cloud

This time last year, Salesforce announced the release of the Salesforce App Cloud, providing developers and companies everything they needed to create their own applications on the Salesforce Platform. After a year, there are now 5.5 million apps built on top of Salesforce, with 3 million developers constantly creating the next big app. Learn how Salesforce is empowering anyone and everyone to be the best at Dreamforce this year.

2) Run for cover, I see LIGHTNING!

Lightning will reign large and in charge at Dreamforce this year, featured as one of the biggest things to come out of the App Cloud. Most important about Lightning, it enables anyone to become a developer with low-code capabilities. Lightning will be present all over the conference. From the campground to the sessions, Salesforce will be giving people hands on training and knowledge about how they can best use the software. Before arriving at Dreamforce, be sure to check out Trailhead and learn everything you can about what Salesforce Lightning has to offer.

Get ready for lightning at dreamforce 2016
3) Lightning Thought Leadership

According to Salesforce, they are attempting, with Lightning, to eliminate the gap between the number of developers that can create applications and the number of applications that need to be developed. Lightning will allow anyone to create the app they need to drive their business. There will be a multitude of sessions, including sessions from Forrester, Gartner, and other major market research companies to discuss current trends. In addition, companies like Teach for America will discuss how Lightning has enabled their business.

Be sure to check out the trail maps at Dreamforce 2016.
4) Grab a Trail map

Salesforce will be distributing trail maps, or session tracks per persona, to those attending the conference. Whether you are from IT, Marketing, a Developer, a Sales Leader, etc, grab a trail map and see which sessions Salesforce has set up specifically for you to get the most out of Dreamforce.

5) IoC not IoT

Salesforce has been driving full steam ahead into the internet of things, connecting devices and data back to Salesforce. They don’t believe, however, that they are developing the internet of things, they view it as the internet of customers. Throughout the webinar, the speakers, especially Peter Coffee and Charlie Isaacs, stressed a focus on differentiating what their products can do vs. how they are enabling customers. Salesforce does not what to talk about how their products work, they want to speak about what they do to enable their customers.

6) The Big Announcement

Apparently there will be a huge announcement this year at Dreamforce concerning Intelligence and the Internet of Things. They were very secretive about it, however they spoke of it with a tone of excitement. Keep your ears open; I have a feeling that this is going to be a doozy!

7) Key Pieces of Technology in Salesforce IoT Cloud

– A simple user interface that makes it easy to allow anyone to become a developer.
– A full 360 profile of customers by taking the data that is available to Users today and connecting that with the data live streaming from connected devices.
– All of this will then be connected back to Salesforce.

8) Workshops vs. Circle of Success

Both of them will be out in force this year at Dreamforce, but what are they. Well they are both group sessions moderated by an expert during which discussions on a range of topics may come up. They are essentially group problem solving exercises with a moderator. What’s the difference? Well Circles of Success are much smaller than Workshops, ranging from 5 – 10 people. Both, however, will give attendees tangible skills that they can take back to their organizations. Be sure to attend one that peaks your interest.

9) Dreamforce Trail will be going live August 13th

The Trail, which will be going live in 2 weeks, will provide tips and tricks to get Dreamforce attendees ready to attend the conference. They gave us a taste this week with the 4 tips to manage your adgenda at Dreamforce:

    – Plan for downtime – Plan to have some time for yourself while at the conference.
    – Don’t try everything on your list – remember that many of the content will be available later on Facebook live.
    – Plan your meals for the day – you don’t want to run out of energy.
    – Don’t carry more than you need – it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Next week’s Road to Dreamforce will be all about sales in Dreamforce, and how sales leaders can take advantage come October. Don’t have time next week for the webinar? No worries. Join us next week as we bring to you our next installment of the Road to Dreamforce recap.

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