Dreamforce is now official less than one month away! That’s right, with the agenda builder recently released on September 7th, it is officially time for everyone to finalize their schedules and plans for the conference this year. This episode of the Road to Dreamforce provided information on how every industry vertical can get the most out Dreamforce 2016. Be it financial services, health/life sciences, telecommunications, etc., Salesforce has a something for everyone, including campgrounds, sessions, keynotes, demos, customers stories, and much more. If you missed this week’s episode, or would like to review some of the most important announcements, here are the top 10 takeaways from “Dreamforce for all Industries”. Start your planning now, and happy [session] hunting!

1) It’s all about the Customer, even more than last year

While the focus year in and year out at Dreamforce has been centered on speaking the language of the customer, this year will be taking a deeper diving into customer success with more relevant content and scenarios that are happening in the industries. The Industry focus this year at Dreamforce will be place heavily on showcasing some of the “best and brightest” customer stories.

2) Industries, Customers, and Product Showcases under one roof

Of course companies come to Dreamforce to take action, because of this Dreamforce will be joining the industries, the customer success, and product showcases into one big, “beautiful” campground. It’s a one stop shop, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time between sessions to explore all the site has to offer.

Expo area at Dreamforce

3) What’s Next for Industry Solutions

Lighting will be wall to wall! Lightning will be everywhere showcasing some of the customer success that Salesforce has seen. At Dreamforce this year, Salesforce will also be formally introducing DemandWare, the newest part of the Salesforce ecosystem- which will be super relevant for the retail industry vertical. The last major innovation that will be showcased through the industries is Salesforce’s new intelligence/machine learning platform, Einstein.

Attendees at Dreamforce

4) DemandWare in Depth

Recently acquisitioned, DamandWare (the leading provider of enterprise cloud commerce) has been rebranded as the newest of the Clouds – the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. They will have their own dedicated Keynote, as well as be featured in keynotes such as the retail and marketing keynotes. The Keynote is taking place on Thursday at 1:00pm at Moscone West, and will feature the Commerce Cloud CEO Jeff Barnet, as well as multiple customers including: Hot Topic, and a deep dive in to the Vinyard Vines brand. They will also be showcasing the newest addition, the Commerce Cloud Store- a mobile first point of sale and store operations capability.

5) Dreamforce is Sold Out! But Apttus can still get you in

Yes you heard correctly, the full passes for the conference this year are sold out. If you are still looking to join the event, however, you can register with a valid code. And WE HAVE ONE FOR YOU. Register for Dreamforce 2016 with the Dreamforce Promo Code: EC16APTS and get 100 dollars off full registration price.

6) Live Stream and Dreamforce Outposts

Even though the event is sold out, or if you are miles away from San Francisco, Salesforce will be offering hours of streamable content on Salesforce Live all week throughout the conference. If you are a member of a Salesforce User Group, you can join one of the Dreamforce outposts to watch the Keynote Live.

7) Agenda Builder Live!!!

The Dreamforce 2016 Agenda Builder went live on September 7th, so start you session planning for this year’s conference. If you are new to the Agenda Builder, or need a refresher, here is the demo video, as well as 6 top tips for using the Planner.

8) Financial Services Keynote

Financial Services, as well as any other industry, will be represented in force at this year’s conference. Specifically for the keynote – it will be held on Cotober 5th at 9am and will be feature President and COO Keith Block and Rohit Mahna, CM of Financial Services, talking about the changes and trends in the industry. Then they will be joined on stage by some incredible executives, including: Jeff Daily, the CEO of Farmers, an executive from Bank of America. They will be speaking about how these companies are using Salesforce in their companies.

9) The Reimagining of the Expo

Instead of two expos, there will be one expo under one roof. You will be able to witness customer success, experience the partner ecosystem, and experience the best of Salesforce products in one place. The best, brightest, and biggest of customers will be in attendance. Trust me, your feet will thank you.

Expo hall at Dreamforce.

10) The 6 Customers Showcases At Dreamforce

Every year Salesforce highlights six customers across all industries at Dreamforce, this year’s 6 will be: Coca Cola, Eli Lilly, Farmers Insurance, General Motors – Chevrolet connected by OnStar, Aldo, T-Mobile. There will also be a special 7th customer quest – They are highlighting Vinyard Vines and all the great things they have been doing with Salesforce, tying in how they are working with the Commerce Cloud (DemandWare).

Join us next week for the next episode of the Road to Dreamforce: Giving Back at Dreamforce.

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