With every week, we have a new Road to Dreamforce recap, and you know what that means – we are one week closer to the largest software conference of the year. In this Road to Dreamforce, Salesforce chronicled how Salesforce, and you, can give back at Dreamforce 2016. From the Salesforce.org lodge to the Salesforce and (RED) partnership, there will be no lack of opportunities to give back to the community. At Salesforce, employees have a fundamental responsibility to give back. Do you believe this as well? If you were unable to watch this week’s Road to Dreamforce, or you would simply like to catch up on some key points you may have missed, here are the top takeaways with everything you missed. Learn how to give back at Dreamforce 2016!

1) What is Salesforce.org?

Born out of the 1-1-1 model, Salesforce.org was created by Marc on the same day that he started Salesforce. It is a nonprofit social enterprise tasked to give back to the community (with a focus on education and workforce development), and is the fastest growing tech company serving companies that do good works. The company works across three distinct areas: Technology, Employee engagement, and grants. Salesforce.org believes technology has the power to change the world, with a focus on making solutions scalable and affordable. In addition, Salesforce funnels millions of dollars worldwide in the form of grants to empower underrepresented kids with education. Lastly, Salesforce truly engages their company through volunteer time off and donation matching- giving back is really a core value.

2) The Dreamforce Product Keynote Schedule

Tuesday: Partner Keynote (9:30-11AM)
Wednesday: Financial Services (9-10AM), SMB (11-12AM), Analytics (11:30AM-12:30PM), State of IoT (4:30-5:30PM)
Thursday: Developer (9-10AM), Commerce Cloud (11AM-12PM), Einstein (1-2PM), Admin (5-6PM) Salesforce for Sales (9:30-11:30AM), Salesforce for Service (1:30-2:30PM), Salesforce for Marketing (3-4PM)

DJ at Dreamforce

3) Salesforce + (RED) Partnership

(RED) is non-profit founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to make it easy for people and businesses to join the fight against AIDS – with the goal of an AIDS free generation by 2020. (RED) has also been one of Salesforce.org’s longest standing customers, and will be represented massively throughout Dreamforce 2016 as a partner of Salesforce.

4) How to see (RED)

First and foremost, Deborah Dugan, CEO of (RED), will be joining Marc Bennioff for his Keynote this year. On stage they will be talking about the partnership and also about how Salesforce is helping them towards their goals. In addition, while not direct, Melinda Gates (a strong supporter and early investor in (RED)) will be having a fireside chat at Dreamforce 2016. Also at the Dreampark this year, there will be tons of (RED) items for sale, with 100% of the proceeds going to (RED). Salesforce has pledged to raise $ 1 million from Dreamforce this year.

Dreamforce Gala

5) How you can give back at Dreamforce 2016

Opportunities to give back will be larger this year than any other year in the past. Tuesday, with the theme of Education, will feature To Small To Fail and the activity of packing 2000 tote bags full of school supplies. On Wednesday, with the theme of health, Project Open Hand will be featured as well as a health kit activity that will be going to the critically ill. Thursday, with the theme of diversity in tech, Salesforce is bringing in young local female entrepreneurs to Dreamforce (8-14 yrs old). There will be a lemonade sale with the proceeds going to (RED). Friday, with the theme of Compassion, there will be a focus on companies taking the 1% pledge.

6) Forbes Philanthropy Summit

New this year on Wednesday will be the Forbes Philanthropy summit, in which major thought leaders discuss important issues such as the climate. The summit will include panels on (RED), education, pledge 1%. There will be many incredible speakers participating, such as Melinda Gates and Deborah Dugan.

7) Vetweek at Dreamforce

Much like last year, this year’s Dreamforce will be overlapping with Fleetweek in San Francisco. Expect, not only for there to be jets flying around the city, but also a strong veteran presence at the conference. There are over 500 new veteran Admins certified this year and they will be out in force at Dreamforce 2016.


The Gala, which is being headlined by U2, is going to be held this year at the Cow Palance, now called the Cloud Palace. The Gala will be helping to raise $10 million this year in support of children’s health. In fact, all of the Galas in the past have raised a total of $30 million in support. If you would like to help contribute, go to theconcertforkids.com. You will of course get some great reserved seating and other perks for the concert. Don’t forget about the after party with will.i.am & MC Hammer.

9) Pledge 1%’s 1000th Member

Salesforce just announce their 1000th member company for the Pledge 1% program. To date, 50% of Salesforce Ventures companies have taken the pledge. There will be a huge emphasis on Friday for companies to take the pledge, and Salesforce will have a booth in the expo hall for Pledge 1%. Also take note, as you walk through the expo hall be on the lookout for Pledge 1% tags, as 20% of the companies in the hall have already taken the pledge.

Expo at Dreamforce

10) Everything Salesforce.org, including the Lodge

While it will be represented all over the conference, for everything Salesforce.org the place to be is the Salesforce.org Lodge in the Westin St. Francis hotel. In total, Dreamforce 2016 will be the largest education and non-profit technology conference in the world, with 20 countries represented and over 100 breakout sessions. There will also be two kickoff keynotes for both education and Non-profits, each represented by customers that are redefining the industry. Non-profits will be represented by RallyPoint 6 (RP/6), while education will be represented by Colorado and Arizona State.

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