In this second episode of Salesforce’s webinar series “A Road to Dreamforce”, the speakers Julie Liegl, Molly Ford, Leslie Tom, and Mary Scott talked about how community and culture matter will matter this year at Dreamforce. As the title “Catch the Ohana Spirit” suggests, this webinar centered on what “Ohana”, or family in Hawaiian, means to Salesforce. For Salesforce, their Ohana (employees, partners, customers, community) is incredibly meaningful, something that has allowed them to create a deep seated support system that extends throughout their ecosystem. In this webinar, Salesforce focused in on 4 of their values, Customer success, equality for all, wellness, and innovation, and how each of these would be represented at Dreamforce 2016. Below are 10 takeaways from the Webinar.


1) Focus on Equality for All

Equality will be pervasive at Salesforce, weaved throughout the 4 days of the conference. However, while in the past Dreamforce has focused on women’s equality, Dreamforce 2016 will come to encompass the general, far reaching fight of equality for all, with both strong women leaders and incredible activists speaking at the conference.

2) Key Speakers centered around Equality

Representative John Lewis: Started his incredible activist career at the age of 17 fighting for total race equality. Having marched with Martin Luther Kings, John Lewis will talk about what he is doing in Congress, as well as talk about his new book, March.

Billie Jean King: An incredible humanitarian, Billie may be best known for her “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match.

Anna Marie Slaughter: wrote the Atlantic Magazine expose about the topic “women can’t have it all.”

Lilly Ledbetter: A strong women’s equality figure, Lilly had a bill named after her by Obama, the Lillie Ledbetter Fair Pay act.

Attendees at Dreamforce 2015

3) Incredible Session Announcement

Salesforce has just announce an incredible session for Dreamforce 2016 titled “Work place equality: finding your Career champion”. Saleforce Board member Robin Washington and her mentor Godfrey Syllivan, will speak about the difference between a mentor and champion (campions take mentorship a step farther and will literally but skin in the game), and what Godfrey did to discover talent and put skin in the game behind Robin. While this will be in the women’s summit, this session is important because it will have a man in front of the crowd and tell other men what they can do to help.

Inspiration Days, the New Wellness

4) Compassion is the New Mindfulness

While the last day of the Conference will be centered on the theme of compassion, the theme of mindfulness will be in full force. Salesforce views compassion as a pillar of mindfulness. Mindfulness will be pervasive throughout the conference, throughout the speakers and conference grounds.

Relaxing at dreamforce 2015

5) Mindful Speakers

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris: A key doctor on Hillary Clinton’s Too Small to Fail initiative.

Daniel Goleman: A Pulitzer prize winning author on many books on the topic of emotional intelligence.

Larry Brilliant: a key figure in the eradication of small pox.

The Two Mindful Directors: Also speaking will be the 2 directors of the new movie called “Walk with me” chronicling the monks of Plum Village.

6) Mindful Zone

Salesforce will be constructing a dedicated Mindful Zone in Moscone South, where people will be able to come and relax (not a place to just charge your phone). This zone will have a ton of useful resources that teach people how to start their mindful journey.

7) Twice daily Meditation Lead By the Monks of Plum Village

The monks of Plum Village, the ones that will be the stars of the new movie described above, will be leading meditation twice a day during the full 4 days of Dreamforce. They will be in the early morning and sometime in the early afternoon. But don’t worry about missing the sessions, Salesforce will be putting them in the agenda builder to help you remain mindful.

Innovation in Customer Success

8) What makes Dreamforce Difference

Well as Salesforce likes to say, Dreamforce is a transformational sandwich, as the conference does not simply transform your business and business ideals, but also transforms the individuals who attend. Dreamforce brings everyone together – the partners, the employees, the developers, and the community – to set the vision for what the future of SaaS will look like.

9) Top 5 Best Practices for engaging partners

– Go to the website and research the partners (400 partners and 450+ booths) to develop a plan of attack.
– Download the Dreamforce Mobile App and learn how to use it/begin building your agenda.
– Attend the 20 AppExchange sessions.
– Attend the numerous lead sessions throughout the conference.
– Attend the Appbash party on Thursday night.

Gala at dreamforce 2015.

10) How to Engage MVPs

MVPs are everywhere at Dreamforce – Running booths, teaching sessions, meditating with the monks from Plum Village. They are incredibly important to the Dreamforce ecosystem, and they have a wealth of information that they would be happy to share. Don’t be afraid to approach them, they are happy to help and answer questions. Before the conference, if you would like to connect with them you can go through the success community or through Twitter.

Next week’s episode of the Road to Dreamforce will be “Dreamforce for IT” and will provide info on how IT can get the most out of their Dreamforce Experience. See you then!

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