This episode of the Road to Dreamforce centered on Dreamforce for Marketers. The role of Marketers in the Salesforce ecosystem has changed substantially since Dreamforce 2015. While the age old role of marketing has always been focused on creating great content and distributing it, both to enable internally and to drive demand externally, the role of marketers has expanded. Nowadays, marketers are tasked with, above all else, creating compelling experiences. These experiences span the sales, service, and entire customer lifecycle. For marketers at Dreamforce 2016, they will experience this emphasis of comprehensive marketing throughout the event. If you did not have time to watch this week’s episode, or you would like to review the key points, this recap is for you. Here are the top takeaways from the episode.

1) Salesforce Enables Marketers

Continuing from the introduction, what does the new role of marketers have to do with Salesforce? Throughout Dreamforce you see how Salesforce enables marketers to reach their customers and provide the best customer experience. Through bringing together all of the customer data, and giving marketers the tools they need to measure and optimize their campaigns, Salesforce will shock marketers this year at Dreamforce. It is not just the Marketing Cloud, it is everything else.

2) Salesforce Ventures Throughout Dreamforce

Salesforce Ventures, or the investment arm of Salesforce, will be out in force this year in San Francisco. Ventures, started in 2009, invests in some of the best enterprise companies and now has over 150 active companies. Many of these investments help amplify the Salesforce ecosystem by investing in companies that share core Salesforce goals and strategies. There will be many incredible thought leadership sessions around Salesforce Ventures, on topics such as “how do you help a start-up get to the next level” and “how do you raise money in the current investment climate.”

Be a marketer at Dreamforce and the Cloud Expo

3) Marketing at Dreamforce will be EVERYWHERE

Salesforce is stressing the importance of Marketing at Dreamforce. The amount of hours being put behind marketing proves that it is just as important a part as, say, sales or admins. Let’s do the numbers: there will be over 10,000 marketers, 1 killer key note, 100+ breakout sessions, one campground, dozens of interactive demos, and one lodge. Dreamforce is, and will be, the most important marketing event for hundreds of companies.

4) Killer Marketing Keynote

Dreamforce creates the best experience for any kind of marketer, be it SMB, enterprise, etc. The Marketing Keynote will only prove this. Led by Brian Wade and Shannon Duffy, the keynote will focus on how marketers can leverage Saleforce’s customer success platform. Held at 9:30 on Thursday, it will be the kick off to the day, but I hear there will be coffee to wake people up post U2 Gala. In a conference all about costumers, this Keynote will have a few standouts: MasterCard,, and Dunken Donuts (Coffee you say?).

Attend a Demo as a marketer at dreamforce

5) Marketing Campground

The marketing cloud, along with every other Salesforce Cloud platform, will be in the Expo hall. There will be about a dozen individual marketing demo stations and a social command center (where you can visualize all Dreamforce’s social presence).

6) Pardot Everywhere

Pardot, Saleforces’ B2B Marketing solution, will have a huge presence at Dreamforce this year. It will have a huge presence in both the marketing and the sales campground. They will have their own Demos, and even their own sessions within the campgrounds.

7) Marketing Cloud Breakout Sessions

The Marketing Cloud, not to be overshadowed by any other cloud, is stacking their sessions full of incredible customer success stories. Just to name a few: Capital One, Mattel, Dunken Donuts, Pizza Hut, Farmers Insurance… the list goes on and on. There will also be numerous thought leadership sessions throughout, focused on everything from top of funnel demand generation campaigns to Salesforce for Salesforce.

8) Agenda Builder Going LIVE SOON!

They would not say the official date that the agenda builder will be going live, but it will be very soon. Keep your eyes over the Dreamforce social channels, because it could be any day now. Be sure to check back to the Apttus’ Dreamforce site for tips on how to effectively use this year’s app. Keep your eyes out for the incredible Marketing sessions and plan accordingly.

9) Top Sessions For Marketers at Dreamforce

There will be no lack of engaging sessions for marketing at Dreamforce 2016. Foremost will be session focused on emerging trends, a theme in the upcoming Agenda Builder. Topics will include how companies are using salesforce to drive digital transformation and innovation, Salesforce for Salesforce, Big Data/IoT, and the digital transformation. Don’t forget about the customers, including Toyota, Workday, and Kaiser Permanente. To top off this incredible list, Peter Schwartz and Peter Coffee will be discussing emerging trends in the keynote. Start getting excited.

Top session for marketers at Dreamforce.

10) Fun for Marketers

There will be a B2B marketer’s café at the Grove, a great place to network, hang out, hear thematic content, relax, and grab a meal. In addition, the marketing lodge will be in the Palace Hotel, where there will be over 100 breakout sessions and a reception every night of the event.


Stay tuned for the next episode of the Road to Dreamforce: Dreamforce for Admins and Developers.

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