We are now less than one week away from the official start of Dreamforce 2016. For this reason, Salesforce decided to finish off their Road to Dreamforce series with tips on how to connect (with salesforce, peers, etc.) at #DF16 – along with some last minute operational tips on how to navigate the colossal event. If you were unable to watch this final episode, or you would like some last minute tips to get ready for Dreamforce, we have the top takeaways for you.

1) Registration

The first thing that everyone should do when arriving to campus is to pick up their conference badge. As you can see from the image below, Salesforce will be opening up registration for full passes at 2:00pm on Monday – and you will be able to pick up your pass at Moscone North, South, & West, along with the Hilton Union Square and the Marriott Marquis.

Registration Hours

Also make sure to pick up you Dreamforce bag, along with the event guide. In your conference bag will be a water bottle and some pronoun stickers. Salesforce will be sending out QR codes in you registration email – this is the easiest way to register at the event.

2) Agenda Updates

Below is the Updated Agenda from Salesforce. While Wednesday is definitely the “Superbowl” of Dreamforce, every day is jam packed with interesting sessions.

Dreamforce Schedule

3) Welcome Reception

The welcome reception, brought to you be Apttus, is being held on Tuesday evening. There will be 2 great bands playing at the reception this year – Apex and the Limits (a band made up entirely of Salesforce Admins) and karaoke band “The Embarrassonics”. This is the first of three official Salesforce parties, so make sure you brought your dancing shoes and singing voice.

4) The Marc Benioff Keynote

The main keynote from Marc Benioff will be held on Wednesday from 1:00-3:00pm in Moscone North, Hall D. Seating is limited and there won’t be enough room for everyone, but don’t panic – Salesforce has a ton of overflow options. Some of these overflow options include: The two keynote rooms in Moscone West, all of the lodges, the Marriott, the Palace, and the Hilton hotels. You will also be able to stream it live from your phone.

5) The Quote-to-Cash Super Session

A major sponsor of Dreamforce, Apttus will be holding a super session titled “the Outcome-based Approach to Transforming Buisness.” This session will be held on Thursday October 6th at 3:00pm. Space is limited so make sure that you register here, and receive a free copy of CEO Kirk Krappe’s Quote-to-Cash book – as well as see who wins the big Apttus DF16 giveaway ($25,000 towards a trip around the world). Join Apttus and learn how Intelligent Quote-to-Cash does more than automate business processes- it delivers real business outcomes that keep you competitive, agile, and innovative.

Apttus' Dreamforce session

6) Where to go for Swag

There are too many opportunities to find awesome swag a Dreamforce – Anywhere from registration, Dreamstore, Dreampark, Lodges, and much more. At Check in and Registration, you will receive your awesome Dreamforce backpack. Also be sure to stop by the Dreamstore where you will be able to find things like Dreamforce cozies and water bottles. At the (RED) experience at the Dreampark you will be able to find loads of awesome Inspi(RED) swag (shirts, mofi, stuffed animals), with all proceeds going to the fight against AIDS. The Admin Meadow is known for their swag – so make sure you “leave some room in your bad for some swag.”

Dreamforce welcome reception

7) Tips on how to use social networks

At Dreamforce you will be able to leverage all of the social networks to connect at the event. Make sure that you have updated all of your profiles going into the show. Another way to stay up to date on social media through the event is to leverage the new twibbons – go to www.twibbon.com (search Dreamforce) and update your profile pictures. Also new this year, are the Salesforce stickers – great emoji’s of Salesforce Mascots that you can add to texts. When onsite: twitter is really the best way to keep up to date on live updates and ask questions – be sure to use #df16 to join in on the conversation, and follow Salesforce and Dreamforce. But Dreamforce will also be leveraging Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

8) Party Tips

The 3 official parties thrown by Salesforce are the welcome reception, the Gala (U2), and the AppBash (Thursday, Oct 6th from 9:00-12:00pm at the Metreon). Be sure to check out the Apttus Dreamforce site for an up to date listing of all Salesforce parties – and sign up for party updates so that you never miss a great party. Make sure that you RSVP for the parties that you want to go to – be respectful of numbers as well (don’t show up with 50 when you RSVPed with 3). Always bring your Dreamforce badge for identification.

10) If you aren’t able to make the conference

Like every year, Salesforce will be offering a very robust selection of viewing and streaming options. Dreamforce will be streamed everywhere this year: on Salesforce Live, the Dreamforce site, Facebook live. The content will be way more than just Marc’s keynote – it will be all of the Keynotes. There will also be 150 Dreamforce Outposts – Dreamforce watch parties that are being held around the world. So look out and see if there is one in a city near you.
That is all folks. The last week of Road to Dreamforce is behind us and Dreamforce 2016 is almost here. If you would like to get some final tips before attending the conference, download the Dreamforce Tips and Tricks Handbook: 101 tips from Salesforce MVPs and Dreamforce Veterans.

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