The Dreamforce 2016 Agenda Builder is officially here. Released on Wednesday, September 7th, the Dreamforce Agenda Builder is now available for all registrants. If you’re unfamiliar with previous Dreamforce Agenda Builders, it is a tool that attendees can use to plan out the specific sessions they are most interested in attending and map out each day accordingly during the 4 day conference. Considering that there are over 2000 sessions, the Agenda Builder is a great tool to help you filter out the hundreds of things going on at Dreamforce this year. There is something for everybody at Dreamforce 2016, no matter your industry, company size, or role. Start scheduling your sessions now!

Dreamforce 2016 Agenda Builder Demo

6 Tips to Mapping out Your Plan with the Dreamforce 2016 Agenda builder

1. What’s new with the Dreamforce 2016 Agenda Builder? As mentioned throughout the Road to Dreamforce, while much of the Agenda builder will be similar in feel to the previous versions, there are a few very important updates. 1) The Builder will be separated and searchable according to day. 2) There will be specific Trailmaps – segmentations by persona, providing recommendations on what sessions to see and how to best plan your day. 3) Just a reminder, 75% of the session spots can be reserved beforehand, while 25% of sessions are saved for walk ins. 4) New this year is a search capability, allowing attendees to search by session and speaker. Get planning everyone!

The Dreamforce 2016 campus
Attendees at Dreamforce

2. Do your homework before you get to San Francisco. Take the time to research prior to Dreamforce so that you are fully aware of the numerous (and incredibly exciting) keynote speakers that will be in attendance, and have a good feel of the campgrounds and other areas you definitely would like to visit. There will also a ton of repeat sessions, so keep those in mind when building out your agenda.

3. Make use of the filters! As mentioned earlier, there are 2000+ different sessions to choose from, so utilize filters to be able to narrow down the sessions that align with your priorities. In the Agenda Builder, you are able to filter down by session, trailmap (persona), category, industry, theme, role, product, and level. The best practice would be to start off by filtering by role in order to see the sessions that suit you best. From there, you can tack on the products, themes, or industries that you are most interested in. Be sure to explore the new filter of “Trail Map”, where Salesforce has done much of the work for you by giving session recommendations that align with your persona.

4. Don’t stress if you can’t reserve a seat. No need for a panic attack if you’re unable to register for a session – Dreamforce has 25% of all seats to be reserved for walk-ins. It is almost a guarantee that you will find yourself a seat.

5. Purposely soak it all in. The biggest tech conference (now sold out) in the world is an amazing experience, so throughout the numerous sessions, meetings, and demos, don’t forget to breathe and take a moment to absorb everything (or as much as you can). This is a time to celebrate what has been accomplished over the year thus far, and enjoy the opportunity to network with other people in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Session attendees at Dreamforce

6. Plan you days wisely – Dreamforce is full of surprises. Dreamforce is a total of 4 days – manage your time wisely so that you have enough leeway to attend the many unique and unexpected things that will happening throughout the conference and across the city of San Francisco. Map out an average of 3 to 4 sessions per day, which is a good amount of content yet allows you to explore the other things that will be going on during the week – you don’t want to miss out on anything!

See a Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Dreamforce 2016 Agenda Builder Here

Join Kurt Smith, Sr. Director of Event Content Strategy at Salesforce, for a step-by-step tutorial video on how to use the newly released agenda builder. In addition, Salesforce provided the Dreamforce ’16 Agenda Builder Guide below to help everyone build the best Dreamforce experience. Happy [session] hunting!

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