When you say Dreamforce, most people undoubtedly think of the parties. But a few years ago, someone had a different idea. It all started when Kirk Crenshaw – back when he was working for Appirio – had the genius idea to rent a small portion of Jillian’s, a property right next to Moscone (the home of Dreamforce). Inside of Jillian’s he hosted VIPs and handed out tickets to Appirio’s annual Dreamforce party. It was an amazing hit, and they more than doubled their space the next year. The idea of a Dreamforce lounge was born.

Why are Dreamforce Lounges so Popular?

There are a few reasons:

  • Relax and recharge – When tens of thousands of people land in just a few square blocks, space fast becomes an issue.  Lounges are a great way to sit in a chair (instead of sitting on the floor in the halls of Moscone or on the astroturf in the Dreampark), as well as a great place to charge your computer and phone.
  • Eat and Drink – Full pass holders are treated to lunch while at Dreamforce, but you won’t find the meals at Moscone on the “best of San Francisco” foodie lists.  Whether you are caught in a session during lunch time, or just don’t feel like another dry turkey sandwich, lounges are often a great place to grab a drink, a snack or even a full meal.
  • Stand out and be noticed – Let’s be honest, many lounges don’t let everyone attend. For many of the spaces, designation as a VIP is necessary.  Among others, Appirio’s and Apttus’ lounges, are invite only, and come with special identification so others (as well as you) know of your VIP status.
  • Other perks – Lounges also host sessions, massages, parties and much more.  Check out the comprehensive list below to see what perks each lounge holds.

Comprehensive List of Dreamforce 2016 Lounges

There are well over a dozen lounges already announced for Dreamforce 2016. Check out the extensive list below to ensure you aren’t missing out on some the most popular, and often needed, experiences at Dreamforce. Keep in mind that for some of the lounges below you can sign up for a spot, while for others an invite is in fact needed:

Apttus VIP and Customer Lounge at the View and The Oasis Grill (Invite only): Exclusive (invite only) lounges where you can relax, recharge, and network with other professionals and industry leaders.

Apttus Coffee Grab and Go at the Oasis Grill: Tired from a long night? Stop by the Oasis Grill in the morning, while on the go to you first session, and grab a quick cup of coffee.

Sales Lounge at the Marriott Marquis: Join Apttus, Bluewolf, Dialpad, Engagio, Insightsquared, and WalkMe at the Marriott Marquis every day during Dreamforce 2016 from 8:00am – 6:00pm. Get away from the noise and enjoy a truly VIP sales experience with top champions and influencers in the industry.

Dreamforce Lounge

The B2B Marketing Champions Lounge: Join Radius, KnowledgeTree, LookbookHQ, and Bizible at Delarosa, at 37 Yerba Buena Lane, for the B2B marketing champions lounge.

Pardot’s B2B Marketer’s Cafe: From Tuesday-Thursday join Pardot at 690 Mission Street for the B2B Marketer’s Café.

Press Club SF

HR Hub: Every Day, from 12-3pm at the Press Club (20 Yerba Buena), join Jobscience and their partners for free food, drink, and networking.

Appirio Connect: Presented by Appirio and sponsored by some of the biggest names in sales and marketing, the Appirio Connect lounge is located at Jillian’s.

Prezi DF Lounge: On October 5 & 6, from 1-5pm, Prezi is hosting their own VIP lounge at the HQ (635 Folsom St., 5th Floor). RSVP for access.

Sundog VIP Lounge: RSVP for Coffee, Cocktails, food, and a chance to win a free apple watch. The lounge is located on 140 New Montgomery St. #1 and will be open Tuesday-Thursday.

Adobe Lounge: Visit Adobe at the Samovar Tea Lounge in Yerba Buena Gardens from Tuesday through Thursday.

Optimizely Lounge: RSVP for Optimizely’s lounge at Optimizely HQ (631 Howard st.) on October 4th-6th from 9-5pm.

Showpads’s lounge: Recharge at Showpad’s lounge on Oct. 5th from 12:30 – 6:00pm. RVSP for an open bar, free wifi, and relaxation space.

Openlounge: Hosted by InsideView, the Openlounge is a retreat 2 blocks away from campus at the One Kearny Club.

The Girl’s Lounge: Hosted at Appirio’s San Francisco office on October 5th and 6th, the lounge will be open to anyone with a Dreamforce badge, and is meant to foster new ideas and spark action around diversity and leadership.

Intacct Lounge: Open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the Impacct VIP lounge will be streaming Marc Benioff’s keynote, as well as offering free food and drink.

Meditation Lounge: Located at the Moscone South Mezzanine Room 252, the Dreampark and meditation lounge is open daily.

Dreamforce Lounge - Jillian's

Marketo Lounge: On Tuesday, from 9-5pm, and Wednesday, from 8-2pm, join Marketo at Spin at 690 Folsom Street for the Marketo Lounge. Be sure to save time for some ping pong. Also, back by popular demand, stop by Jillian’s on October 4th-6th(from 9-5pm) for professionally captured profile pictures.

You’ll definitely be seeing me at some of these spaces – especially the Apttus VIP lounge, Sales lounge and some of the marketing designated spaces.

This article is written by Maria Pergolino, SVP of Marketing at Apttus. To learn more about Maria, connect with her on Linkedin. She is also @inboundmarketer on Twitter

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