“Our field sales team now spends more time engaged with our customer. The amount of time they have to be in front of a customer actually negotiating deals and solving customer problems has increased based on the Apttus tools they now have access to.”


Mary Beth Gargani
Director of Sales Effectiveness

Streamlining the Sales Process and increasing productivity by 5%

Recognizing that their current solution was not scalable to their rapid growth and was undermining their deal success, Aesynt looked to Apttus for a packaged solution. Immediately following implementation, Aesynt saw an increase in effectiveness and efficiency.

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About Aesynt

At Aesynt, we’re leading the journey to perfect medication management by pioneering a new path— one that optimizes both labor and drug expenses across the enterprise for all forms of medications, allowing our healthcare partners to dramatically reduce costs and improve patient safety. Grounded by our strategic vision, we enable our healthcare partners to integrate, automate and manage medication preparation and delivery system-wide through the industry’s most comprehensive medication management portfolio.

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Apttus Solutions used by Aesynt

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Aesynt’s Pharmacy Automation Solutions Rise to New Heights After Choosing Apttus CPQ

“Our business had simply outgrown the previous system; we needed a robust, enterprise-level solution that fit a very specific set of business needs. Working with Apttus has not only impacted our overall operation and the structure of our sales process, but also helped us move past longstanding organizational obstacles and continue growing and servicing our customer base,” said Kraig McEwen, chief executive officer at Aesynt. READ MORE