“There’s so much you can do with a powerful tool like X-Author. Because nonprofits need to maximize the technology they have, they can be creative with X-Author and use it in so many ways to its full extent.”

Zachary Nostdal
Salesforce Administrator

Save Valuable Nonprofit Time and Resources with Apttus X-Author for Excel

As a nonprofit, 501 Commons had limited resources and time, which were only exacerbated by their inefficient process to enter data into Salesforce. Volunteers would send applications to the nonprofit, and the information on these papers, such as skills and nonprofit experience, were manually entered into Salesforce, field-by-field. Not only did this increase the potential for error within their CRM system, but wasted the valuable time and resources of its staff.

About 501 Commons

Nonprofits need solid technology, sound planning, and robust administrative systems. They also need engaged boards, supported staff, and sustainable funding. That’s were 501 Commons comes in (www.501commons.org). They offer programs and services to support nonprofit organizations so they have what they need to make a difference in the world. 501 Commons offer a wide range of services to support nonprofits and nonprofit leaders.

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