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About Apttus

Deep Capability, Fast

Apttus is derived from Latin: the root “apt” means suitable, capable and ending a Latin word in “us” denotes speed. Apttus was formed to deliver the promise of enterprise class application capability, but very rapidly and with high value. Apttus has combined business domain expertise with the Salesforce1 and provides modules with rich functionality. Apttus’ goal is to provide organizations with an alternative and significantly better way to automate business functions in a way that maps more closely to the needs of organizations.

Apttus delivers Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, allowing you to rapidly and simply deploy enterprise class applications. The functionality allows you to gain complete visibility and end to end management of your business function. The Suites are “out of the box” allowing for extremely rapid deployment. Additionally, configuration tools allow for fast and easy extensibility. You can begin to use the applications immediately, but can change them as you learn more about what you need.

Apttus utilizes Salesforce1 and couples this with deep domain expertise. The result – you gain applications that are very functionally deep, running off a platform used by over millions of users globally. A simple subscription fee with no other IT investment required.

Our business approach: Provide applications that have deep capability, fast.

Apttus Philosophy

Most organizations already have processes and systems in place. Frequently the systems are inadequate, or the process needs to be augmented or changed. Apttus’ approach is to understand the current state and move to the desired state in the shortest, easiest and highest impact way. This usually entails a mix of deploying the right tool, instituting the right processes and empowering your people.

Apttus’ approach is to offer an array of SaaS modules, each with certain functional capabilities that you select depending on your project objectives. We couple this with service packs that a customer can choose from, to optimize the automation of a business function. Depending on your need, a combination of the most relevant functionality and service will very rapidly move you to your desired state.

You can begin with a simple application and never require any other service. Or you can progressively use the service packs to improve your process and solve your specific problem. The premise – only purchase and use what you need at any particular time.

You will be surprised at what capability you can achieve and the visibility you can gain into your function. We call this 360 degree visibility and it is the ultimate value that Apttus provides you. Most enterprise applications cannot give you this degree of capability in such a short time and for such a minimal investment.

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