When you integrate your Quote-to-Cash process, you optimize the highly collaborative aspects of quoting, contracts, and revenue management, bringing visibility to everyone involved and accelerating sales cycles. As a result, you close a higher percentage of your deals, increase customer satisfaction, beat your competition, and most importantly, grow revenue.

Here are the 10 steps of Quote-to-Cash that take you from engaging a prospect through to managing renewals:

1. Configuration: An ideal combination of products and services is created

2. Pricing: Discounts, promotions and bundles are applied

3. Quoting: A quote is generated, approved and sent to the customer

4. Contract Creation: A contract or order form is created

5. Contract Negotiation: Contract terms and clauses are redlined and changed

6. Contract Execution: An approved contract is signed and the deal is finalized

7. Order Fulfillment: The order is received, processed and delivered

8. Billing: Easy to understand invoice details are calculated and delivered to the customer

9. Revenue Recognition: Align revenue to service delivery

10. Renew: Manage customer retention and recurring revenue

Starting today, we are releasing our Ultimate Guides to Quote-to-Cash with a new guide out each week. These guides, which cover quoting, contracting, revenue management and e-commerce, provide an in-depth look at how each process works and how they can be streamlined to maximize sales effectiveness and revenue.

The guides offer a crash course on the entire Quote-to-Cash cycle, which make them a perfect study kit for becoming Quote-to-Cash certified. More than 1,000 professionals have become certified through this free program. Check it out at certification.apttus.com.

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